Startup Weekend at Innovation Forge

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Startup Weekend took place October 16-18 at Kingsport’s new co-working space, Innovation Forge.  The event kicked off Friday night with pitches from the participants. After ideas and teams were selected, the groups immediately started build their business.

Throughout the weekend, the teams worked together to map out the revenue stream, identify key partners, vet the market, etc. With the help of the facilitator, Bill Kenney, the teams stayed enthusiastic and focused throughout the weekend. The teams were also assisted by their coaches (Kenney Cornett, Aundrea Wilcox, Ben Collins, and Shawn Carson) throughout the weekend.

“Startup Weekend is a great tool for the development of an entrepreneurial community,” said AccelNow Assistant Director, Mike Housewright. “This type of event brings together the region’s brightest and most innovative minds under one roof, and then gives them the opportunity to collaborate in new and exciting ways.” 

Sunday night, the final pitches were presented to the judges (Tony Lettich, Keith Nakoff, and Steven Jenkins). The final teams were “Team Cool” and “Intern First”. Team Cool presented a new and innovated method for reducing the internal temperature of parked cars. Intern First also strived for innovation as they introduced an idea to break the mold of the traditional hiring process.

“When I saw and heard the presentations I was impressed with the amount of coaching these teams received and the skills and knowledge they gathered over the weekend, “said Kingsport Maker Faire founder, Lucy Fleming. . “This training will pay off for their future projects.”

The success of the weekend could not have been possible without our participants, judges, coaches, and sponsors. To view more pictures from the weekend, visit our Facebook page.


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