CO.STARTERS Highlight: Unity Fashion Wear


Nakisha Fleenor is a recent CO.STARTERS graduate. She has been in business since August 29, 2008. Nakisha always wanted to own her business, but never really knew what to do. So when she started her clothing business, I reflected on  life as a kid.
“My mom and dad had 13 kids and we rarely ever had new clothing,” said Nakisha. “We always wore hand me downs cause they did not have the money to buy all of us clothing and shoes.”
She also thought about how this business could be a blessing to those that are less fortunate than most especially the low income families.
“I have always wanted my own business,” said Nakisha. “With CO.STARTERS, I was able to learn how to put things in perspective, advertise my business, and receive feedback on the business.”
Nakisha learned that you have to know your market and what your customers are looking for. Through CO.STARTERS, she learned how to get her business from Point A (startup) to point B ( operational) and manage her finances.
“CO.STARTERS taught me that I am the face of my business and I have to be confident in what I am doing and what I bring to the table,” said Nakisha. “I learned that the more that I know about my products, the better chance I have in selling and making a profit.”
To learn more about Nakisha’s business,  visit www.unityfashionwear.com.

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