The concept for Intern First was created about three months before Startup Weekend. Jonah Walker and his business partner realized there was a problem with how people found jobs. It wasn’t ideal for employees or employers, so they came up with a solution.

Both Jonah and his business partner have a background in Computer Science. They both had a few bad experiences while job searching, so it was only fitting to create a software solution.

“My goal is to solve a real world problem that is affecting millions of people across the globe,” said Walker. “If I can create something that will help people find companies where they want to come into work every day and help employers find applicants that share the same passion about their company that they do, that would make me happy. Having a business is just a byproduct of helping people.”

Jonah participated in AccelNow’s Startup Weekend in October and is currently enrolled in our Johnson City CO.STARTERS program.”The major benefit provided by going through the CO.STARTERS program is the network you create. Not only do the speakers from the class and the facilitator become your mentors, but the people you are competing against as well. You learn just as much interacting with other paticipants from varying backgrounds as you do from someone who has been in the business for years.”

Jonah hopes to gain support from colleges, and, in return, provide specific hiring metrics.


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