CO.STARTERS Spotlight: The Southern Jewel

Meredith has thought about owning a business for several years, but the actual concept came to her during the Johnson City CO.STARTERS class. With her ten years of experience in the retail setting, it felt only natural for her to start her own retail store.
“CO.STARTERS was a crash course on the basic and and most important needs for starting your own business,” said Seiber. “It helped sift through all the information I was reading online and streamlined the steps that I needed to take to get a business up and running.”

Although Meredith does not carry any physical inventory yet, she knows her customers will appreciate her jewelry, because it is different than department stores. She hopes to own a store and have a successful online business.

“I want to make people in the community happy, and that’s all that matters,” said Seiber.

For more information about CO.STARTERS participants, contact Mike@accelnow.com.


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