The Lavender Window

“We desire to improve the lives of our friends, family, and community by teaching them the benefits of essential oils.”

Amy Venable, owner of the The Lavender Window, recently graduated the Johnson City CO.STARTERS program and has been operating since July 2014.

“We wanted to share the benefits of essential oils with folks who are looking for more natural ways to live their lives,” said Venable.  “We decided to create products that would allow them to try the oils, and also teach them in classes more in depth ways to use them.”

Owning her own business has allowed Amy to interact with people from many different walks of life, and help them.  She is only able to work in her business a few hours each week, but it is very rewarding to her.

“CO.STARTERS was a fast paced introduction to what you must have for your business, i.e. licenses, tax, legal, etc,” said Venable. “It also caused me to step back to understand my customer better, and create ideas to better serve them.”

Through CO.STARTERS, Amy was able to have a network of people to bounce ideas off of and collect support.

“The business still needs time, and we would like to have a storefront/class room area to teach from,” said Venable. “Our classes are informative, interactive and fun.”
For more information and class schedules, click here.


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