CO.STARTERS Spotlight: Great Oak Brewing Company


The Great Oak Brewing Company began as an idea between husband and wife, Justin and Jade Carson in 2010. Justin began searching for what it would take to return home to Bristol and start a brewery while deployed to Africa with his US Air Force Combat Search & Rescue Squadron. Since then, Justin and Jade have developed their dream into a Tennessee limited liability company. Doors for the brewery will open for business in summer 2016. The brewery will provide innovative and refreshing beers to the residents, race fans and music lovers who find themselves in our wonderful town of Bristol. The ten-barrel brew house will focus attention on quality, service and sustainability. Charitable work and job opportunities will also help Great Oak give back to the community that raised us. They are excited to dedicate their business to their hometown of Bristol, TN.

“Even though Justin and I went to school for business, we both know that we don’t know everything,” said Jade Carson, CEO. “CO.STARTERS was an avenue to fill in the gaps that we missed. The program also has a practical approach to the business startup process which is very important.”

To learn more about Jade and Justin and their business, please visit www.greatoakbrewing.com.


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