Awesome (and Free) Tools for Startups

‘Founder’s Tech – Tech trends, tips and advice for founders, entrepreneurs and bootstrappers’ is a recurring column by Jake Hare, founder of Nashville-based Launchpeer, a web & mobile application development agency focused on startups, entrepreneurs and bootstrappers.

Trying to kickstart your tech startup can be difficult, especially when your budget is close to zero. Staying lean is easier to do now than ever before, but maintaining a smooth-running startup can be difficult with tons of tools are out there that run from $15 to $30 or more per month, with that cost adding up quickly. Because my company has been working with startups for so long we’ve been able to find and utilize some incredible tools, not only for our agency but also for our clients whose budgets are trying to go toward their product or payroll and not toward software costs. Below are some incredible tools, all free, that can help any startup run. Read More


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