Bristol Beer Market exists to provide consumers with a fantastic location to enjoy amazing craft beer in a fun, relaxed, care free, knowledge-based environment. Bristol Beer Market (BBM) will serve only the highest quality craft beer, served by Cicerone educated individuals at an affordable price while using the most up to date beer service technologies. BBM will serve as a marketplace where craft beer lovers from the Tri-Cities, as well as tourists, can sit down and enjoy a pint, fill a growler, buy a 6-pack, single bottles or cans to take home with them.
12744033_772756819490444_861154153678803271_nNathan Elliot, Bristol Beer Market owner, began the concept phase of his business about two years ago.

“I have traveled to many other “beer cities” around the country, and one thing has always stuck out to me in those markets,” said Elliot. “A wonderful bar that serves solely craft beer, no liquor, no wine, just beer. With Bristol quickly turning into one of those markets, we have some incredible breweries here in town, I finally decided to turn my dream into a reality. Especially on the education front, we may love beer around here, but how much do you really know about where it came from, or how its made.”

Nathan’s father started his own business when he was young, and it has always appealed to him.

“I guess you could say that I get my entrepreneurial spirit from him,” said Elliot. 

He found great benefit from participating in the Bristol CO.STARTERS course for him and his business.

CO.STARTERS is an amazing program for people who always had an idea for a business that they wanted to start but are still in the concept phase,” said Elliot. “It helps with understanding your business one step at a time, from understanding why you want to start your business, to understanding your customers, and eventually learning the state and federal regulations relevant to your business. The program was a great launching pad for me, it really encouraged me to hone in on the particular skills necessary to opening the doors of BBM.”

Nathan also learned the importance of networking, getting the word out, and developing relationships with other local business.

For more information, visit Bristol Beer Market’s page.


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