First Annual Tri-Cities STEMposium is Held at ETSU

IMG_0370.JPGOn Thursday, March 24, Insight Training and Educational Center and East Tennessee State University teamed up to host the first annual Tri-Cities STEMposium (workshops and research for women in STEM).

The half-day long event included over 30 girls (12-18)  from all over the region. There were several presentations throughout the day, including, Sheila Boyington, Tanya Foreman, and Industrial Electronic Services.

The students were able to break into groups based on their interests. The categories ranged from Medical and Biotechnology, Problem Solving in Math, Math, and Coding and Digital Media.

The Insight Training and Education Center Director, Michael Cummings, hopes to make the Tri-Cities STEMposium an annual event.

“We appreciate our partners in the regional entrepreneurial system, like Mike Cummings, working on STEM programs,” said Campbell. “These programs help students see their potential for high tech, better paying jobs and enhances the pool of creative talent in the region that will lead to more locally developed innovations.”


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