CO.STARTERS Kingsport wrapped up their 9-week program with a final pitch night on Tuesday, April 5 at the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce. This was the fourth CO.STARTERS cohort completed in our region since last August.

Seven participants went through the Johnson City class, including a photographer, leathersmith,  hydroponic gardener, and maker space.

“We had a great cohort in Kingsport,” said facilitator, Bonnie Macdonald. ” I thoroughly enjoyed watching the concepts develop and heard many times that the CO STARTERS material and process spurred deeper thought on every subject as well as timely action that propelled the business concepts.”

The class also included
speakers each week, including the winners of the Bristol CO.STARTERS, Great Oak Brewing Company.

“Our community speakers were always encouraging and great resources for our group,” said Macdonald. ” We plan on checking in periodically to see how everyone is doing.”

We are following up with each of the graduates in regards to legal guidance, financial advice, and providing them a mentor.

For more information about the CO.STARTERS program, visit their website.



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