CO.STARTERS Spotlight: Ashley Cox Photography


The Kingsport CO.STARTERS cohort was filled with a large amount of talent and potential. Among the talent was a Tennessee newcomer, Ashley Cox, owner and founder of Ashley Cox Photography. Ashley began her business in late October 2015. She had a lifelong passion and love for photography, but didn’t realize she could make a career of it when she was heading off to college. Ashley ended up going to business school instead and took the corporate path in life.
“I always knew I wanted to have my own business one day,” said Cox.
After spending 10 years in corporate, and talking about owning her own business for years, the timing was right to start her photography business as she and her husband relocated to the Tri-Cities area in the Fall of 2015.
“I’m grateful for my business background and corporate experience, which have both helped me tremendously in this new adventure.” 
Like many new entrepreneurs, Ashley was trying to figure out things on her own. She loved that CO.STARTERS walked her through the critical components of setting up your business and had the opportunity to hear from local leaders in various specialty areas, such as identifying your niche and client, legal structures and other legal matters, and learning about the accounting and bookkeeping side of business. Attending CO.STARTERS helped Ashley in make sure that she had established a strong and legally sound foundation upon which to build a successful business, as well as planning for the future.
“The most valuable lesson I learned through the CO.STARTERS program was to ask for lots of feedback. And when you think you’ve asked for enough, ask for more.”
Since Ashley is still very new to the Tri-Cities area, networking is the most critical business function for her to focus on right now in order to grow.
“I need to consistently work toward establishing myself in this market, and developing the know, like and trust factors with local business owners.”
To connect with Ashley and see some of her work, visit her website andFacebook page.
Ashley Cox Photography specializes in commercial product and brand photography for bold local businesses. “Simply put, I take beautiful photos of your product, service, brand or business, to help you stand out online, attract more clients and grow your business, all without losing your mind because you have too much to do,” said Cox.

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