Approved! Three New Tenants for HBDC

At last week’s Holston Business Development Center board meeting three new tenants were approved for the incubator. These tenants were SGSC, Tennessee Automated Engineering, and GeniWorks. Director, Nakoff, commented on the collaborative work between HBDC and AccelNow.  The driving force for two of the new businesses is based on the emergence of the new glass plant, Enviraglass. These two businesses, SGSC and Tennessee Automated Engineering, developed while AccelNow was working to assure the long-term future of the glass plant. Accelnow is continually promoting the use of the HBDC and the Innovation Lab of Johnson City, led by Dr. Depelteau for new startups. Both are invaluable resources for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Northeast Tennessee.

Other board actions recommended by Director Nakoff involved the acceptance of the mobile computer lab from AccelNow and the enhancement of the training space in the facility. Nakoff also commented that due to success and the approaching business graduations, HBDC will be accepting applications for new prospective businesses. Accepted applicants have access to mentors, conference, training, and break rooms in addition to paid utilities and a common reception area.  For further information about space in the incubator, contact Keith Nakoff.


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