Client Spotlight: The Tall Baker

tall-bakerMy name is Calvin Price, and I am The Tall Baker. I am 6’7”, and no, I didn’t play basketball. Instead I focused on music and leading worship at my church. Which leads into how my business came about. See, once my parents were divorced, I didn’t want to choose sides, so I spent most of my days at church. I sought after what God wanted from my life, and allowed him to use the situation I was in for my good, and he did. It wasn’t long before I was able to do something that I had wanted to do for a long time: an international missions trip. I went to Nicaragua the

summer after my freshman year of high-school, and I was hooked. I loved missions, and wanted to take trips every year, but that takes money. So, I began fundraising by baking loaves of sweet breads, and The Tall Baker was born. It sold well at church, and I wanted to be able to help other missionaries and missions teams, so I expanded into a small business to sell to the whole public. I crafted my own creative recipes, and baked it all in my newly-inspected kitchen. I was and am now able to give 10% of my net profits to local missions organizations in the tri-cities as well as offer at-cost fundraisers to missionaries and missions teams.

The Tall Baker is currently a domestic kitchen inspected and licensed under the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, which means it is all baked out-of-home and sold from Farmer’s Markets and local businesses, including a very important one in particular: Bellafina Chocolates. As my very recent partnership, Bellafina Chocolates gives all of their net profits to women’s and children’s charities worldwide. Since we share a passion for missions, we’ve become fond business partners, and me products will be available in their Kingsport store throughout the holiday seasons ahead. As time goes forward, we have talked about sharing the space in Kingsport to create a full-on café & pastry shop, as well as a venue for local youth groups to facilitate.

To learn more about The Tall Baker, visit his Facebook page or website.



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