2016 Field School Graduate: River Creek Farm

Katie Bashor, a recent ARC&D Field School graduate, is the Farm Operation Manager at River Creek Farm, a five acre farm in Limestone, TN. In addition to being a food supplier to Main Street Pizza Company, River Creek also currently has around 130 CSA (Community Support Agriculture) accounts for this year.

“We grow as much as we can and buy from other farms to get local food,” said Bashor. “Everyone with an account either picks up weekly, biweekly, or monthy.”
The CSA system is designed for the community to continuously received fresh and local foods. River Creek not only sells their organic vegetables, they also have baked goods, homemade pasta, and farm fresh eggs. The CSA has been running for two years at this location, but the farm has been in business for three.

“CSA is catching on,” said Bashor. “We have been a part of a CSA fair that Emily Bidgood and Lexy Close put together, which introduces what it is to the community and how it is a neat way to buy your groceries and support local farms.”

River Creek Farm currently has two people working on the farm, not including Katie. However, there are more employees in the summer ranging from three to four people total.
“We grow organic vegetables, raise chickens, and own a hydroponic system in Johnson City,” said Bashor. “We also have raised gardeneing on the lot of our distribution center.”

Katie first found out about the ARC&D Field School through her Build It Up Group. Once she heard the details, she signed up right away.

“I like the idea of getting to know other farmers in the area.” said Bashor. “This allows me to learn more from those who are more experienced.”

The next Field School class will begin November 10. The class not only has useful information, but there are also weekly farm visits to learn more first-hand. Katie also expressed River Creek would be interested in helping educate the future field school students

“I learned a lot about farming practices and how to better plan my crops,” said Bashor. “Everyone at the ARC&D has such a great passion for farms and programs to educate and better our careers.

To sign up, visit the ARC&D website or Facebook page.


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