Northeast Tennessee Ecosystem Growing

AccelNow Executive Director, John Campbell, reported to the Leadership Council at last week’s meeting. He stated that over the last 25 months, there have been 197 ideas/ organizations screened (approximately 8 new/ month).  Counting the jobs that are still pursuing their initiative, 170 jobs are currently active with good potential to grow.

During the same time period, over $4M of capital has been raised with one company having potential to raise over $12M more.

Mentor hours during the year have been over 3,000 hours. New companies and participants at HBDC are providing over 50 mentor hours a week and working with 25 other clients.

Campbell also provided as an example of entrepreneurial growth, the development of the Entrepreneur Roundtable and Tuesdays Together in the region. Both of these local organizations, which meet monthly, encourage informational discussion and new entrepreneurs coming forward.

This year AccelNow has also hosted/ sponsored over 20 events and taken part in over 50 other events, including three CO.STARTERS classes within our region.


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