Client Spotlight: Atlas Stands


Atlas Stands was founded by Josh Childers and John Schramlin, who craft handmade amplifier stands out of a small wood shop in beautiful East Tennessee. Their backgrounds are diverse, ranging from CAD, engineering, music recording and production to fine art, home construction and carpentry. Looking back, little did they know how well this mix of experience and training would serve them today.

After they built their first hardwood amp stand they immediately recognized the limitless potential for amazing new amp stand designs. Since they built their initial prototypes in 2010, they’ve built hundreds of custom hardwood amp stands for musicians worldwide.

“Atlas Stands is currently building around a hundred units a year, which includes international sales,” said Josh Childers. 

Standard Series Atlas Amp Stands increase tonal definition, presence, clarity, and maintain a tight bass frequency response. They tilt to 18.5 degrees and lift the back of your speaker cabinets just 3.5 inches. Atlas Stands are lightweight, durable, super strong, and fold closed for easy transport.

After six years of building made-to-order custom hardwood amplifier and guitar gear Atlas Stands has developed many new design ideas. Their focus today is to grow their company around their patented and affordable hardwood Standard Series Atlas Amplifier Stand design, much like they we were looking for in 2010.

“We are seeking manufacturers to build our Standard Series amp stands so we can begin offering a more affordable product in catalogs and retail stores,” said Childers. “John and I would focus on the custom orders and customer service.”

To learn more about Atlas Stands, visit their website.


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