Tech Growth in Northeast Tennessee

The Northeast Tennessee Region continues to enhance its technology infrastructure with the expansion of gigabyte broadband services this May.

Mayor John Clark recently announced that Kingsport is joining the ranks of being a “gig city,” with the capability of offering 10 gigabytes of broadband service and beyond to its residents through the GIGKingsport partnership.

GIGKingsport is a partnership with Spectrum Enterprise, a national provider of scalable, fiber-based technology solutions for America’s largest businesses. This partnership will allow businesses to work faster, experience less interruptions in service, and benefit from increased security.

What exactly does being a “gig city” mean for small businesses? Simply put, Northeast Tennessee now has even more opportunities to serve those in the tech industry and will be able to support tech startups who have advanced service needs.

An expansion of broadband services in the region is critical for attracting and retaining top tech talent. It directly contributes to cultivating an entrepreneurial environment that welcomes all business types and is able to support their various needs.


A huge proponent of the startup community, Mayor Clark recently attended Pitches and Pints, a local pitch competition for entrepreneurs hosted by Startup Tri-Cities. During the event, he shared that “Kingsport wants to be a startup capital in the southeast. There’s a lot of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) capital in our city. We want to leverage it and drive it. We want to be there with you.

Bristol, Tennessee was the first city in the state to offer gig service to their residents. Sneedville, located in Hancock County, currently offers their residents gig service, as well.  In Unicoi County, the city of Erwin is working on delivering gig service to their residents soon. And the Johnson City Energy Authority currently has 167 miles of fiber optics in place, providing high-speed data connections, and are researching the best options for delivering gig service to their residents.

Northeast Tennessee is primed and ready for tech-related industries like a data storage and software businesses. If you’re a tech startup, or you know someone who is thinking of starting a tech-based business, consider the possibilities of starting your business here in Northeast Tennessee! Contact AccelNow today to schedule your free consultation and allow us to help you bring your tech-startup to life.

Learn more about GIGKingsport by visiting their site!

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