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Flow MedTech™ Inc. Continues to Expand Internationally

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Flow MedTech™ continues to expand internationally with their innovative medical device that is designed to reduce the risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation by preventing clot formations in the left atrial appendage.

Co-founders Christine Hang, Interim CEO, and Arnab Chakraborty, Chairman of the Board and Chief Development Officer, have developed a catheter-based device to reduce stroke risk. Originally conceptualized by the partners for a Georgia Tech Biomedical engineering pediatric heart project in the spring of 2013, the two began sharing ideas on creating the device and thought, “Why stop here?” Hang and Chakraborty decided to take the project out of the classroom.

Flow MedTech™ Co-Founders, Christine Hang (left) and Arnab Chakraborty (right).

As Hang and Chakraborty consulted with doctors after their school project to get more information on what type of device would work best, they began focusing on stroke reduction in patients with irregular heart rhythms and started their company in April 2014.

The company has decided to expand globally with their device, seeking opportunities around the world to take the device to trial while they work through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process stateside.

Hang explained their anticipated timeline and commented that “ We’re excited to bring our product to the international marketplace. Our focus is to reduce the incidence of stroke globally.

The Flow MedTech™ team recently traveled overseas to meet with international distributors and partners for opportunities to get their device to market. Before they begin sales overseas, they must do final testing on models and conduct clinical trials. The team expects to start selling overseas in 2019, alongside their continued efforts with FDA approval in the U.S.

For updates from the Flow MedTech™ team from all around the world, be sure to follow their exciting progress on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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