Perserbid: Connecting Homeowners to Contractors


It’s been a busy year for Perserbid, the local tech startup that has been in the making since February 2014. Perserbid is a software as a service (SAAS) platform that connects homeowners with local contractors, founded by Edwin Williams, CEO/Director.


Founder, Edwin Williams, CEO/Director

The platform allows homeowners to log onto the company’s website and post a job. Reliable contractors in the area then have the opportunity to bid on the job.

The system is very interactive. Homeowners are able to share photos of their current space and describe what they’d like to have done, while contractors can review the project, communicate with the homeowner, and provide estimates. In addition, Perserbid offers an escrow system for both parties which offers security and peace of mind by holding payments until pre-negotiated milestones are met.

“Perserbid’s mission is to be the trusted resource for people looking to own, maintain, or improve their home.  Our marketplace connects homeowners with contractors in their area and helps streamline communications and the payment process,” they explain.

Some major milestones that Perserbid has met over the past several months include:

  • The launch of their new website, http://www.perserbid.com, which the team spent months perfecting the complex backend to ensure it works properly and securely for all users. Next steps are to continue refining the frontend to make it more user friendly, sleeker, and more attractive.
  • In June, two new individuals joined the Perserbid team, bringing skills and experience that will positively impact the company.
    • Robert Pryately is the new Chief Financial Officer/Director, who brings a a strong financial background to the table.
    • Matt Mayfield is the new Chief Operating Officer/Director, who brings a wealth of startup experience as a serial entrepreneur.

L-R: Robert Pryately, CFO/Director and Matt Mayfield, COO/Director

  • Since the official launch of Perserbid in August, they’ve had steady user growth and interaction and hope to accelerate adoption and use over the next 90 days.
  • Perserbid was a proud sponsor of the Johnson City Area Homebuilders “Builders Showcase of Homes,” which helps local builders show off their homes and sell them through this showcase and the magazine that was produced for the show by News and Neighbor.
  • Perserbid also changed their corporate structure from an LLC to a Tennessee C-Corporation. This marked their transition from the initial testing phase to the official regional launch, allowing them the flexibility to take on investment easier to help with growth and development.

L-R: Perserbid at the Knoxville Fall Home Show; Founder, Edwin Williams (center) celebrating the launch of Perserbid with guests

The Perserbid team has also been busy getting involved in several events throughout East Tennessee this year, as well. In January, they presented at 1 Million Cups in Asheville, which proved to be a pivotal moment. Williams explained, “Being able to interact with Venture Asheville gave us a lot of insight and feedback on what to do moving forward as well as a number of contacts in the Asheville tech scene.

In February, they were part of the Johnson City Area Home Builders Association “Home Show” at ETSU. And in August, they were part of a home show in Knoxville. “These shows have given us a lot of face time with home service professionals across the industry,” said Williams.

In March, they helped host Pitches and Pints, in partnership with BrewFund and Flow MedTech™. Several entrepreneurs from throughout the region were able to showcase their companies, as well as network with investors and organizations supporting startups in Northeast Tennessee.

Perserbid was also a sponsor of the Johnson City Area Home Builders Association’s “Builder’s Showcase of Homes” this year, which put them in front of many contractors, homeowners, and realtors in the area. Following this event, Perserbid joined the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors (NETAR) to continue networking and expanding their reach.

The team also attended the 36/86 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference back in June and felt that it was very fruitful in terms of contacts across the state. They were also able to attend Knoxville’s Startup Week in September and meet many entrepreneurs in the East Tennessee region.


What Perserbid does for homeowners.


What Perserbid does for contractors.

When they’re not on the road networking and growing their list of contacts, the Perserbid team is hard at work here in Northeast Tennessee. Most recently, they launched an equity crowdfunding campaign where people can invest in the business and in turn get to own a small piece of the company. Williams explained that, “It’s a fairly new concept and it was started in June 2016. We are the first company in Tennessee to do a securities (equity) crowdfunding campaign so when this is all said and done, we may be able to give other Tennessee startups pointers on what needs to be done.

To learn more about Perserbid’s equity crowdfunding campaign and to get involved, head over to https://www.startengine.com/perserbid-inc!

One thing Williams doesn’t lack is passion. “My vision for Perserbid is massive,” he said with excitement, “We’re trying to do something that hasn’t been done before. I know that starting off, Perserbid looks similar to other established companies and startups in this space. But we’re moving in a direction that we feel hasn’t been properly utilized based on our interactions with the people who have looked at and tested our site and we’re very confident we can pull this off with the proper resources. People always say they’re looking for the next Facebook or the next Google. There will not be a next Facebook or Google. They are the end mover archetypes of a space. It is my vision to build Perserbid into that type of company.”

Williams vision for the company extends to the community, as well. “We want to be strong and active members of the communities in which we interact. I want to thank everyone who has helped us get this far. Thank you. Perserbid isn’t just my dream, it’s their dream as well.

To learn how you can invest in Perserbid and own a portion of the company, check out their equity crowdfunding campaign here: https://www.startengine.com/perserbid-inc.

Stay up-to-date on the company and follow Perserbid on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/perserbid.

Join Perserbid today to get your next home project started OR find clients to serve as a contractor here: www.perserbid.com.

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