Entrepreneurs Can’t Do It All

JCannon GuestEntrepreneurs can’t do it all. Get the help you need!

A guest blog post by John Cannon

Entrepreneurs are generally very good at a particular thing. They have a great idea, a significant skill, or something that makes them unique. They are also generally very confident and optimistic. They see a future that is better than the life they have now.

Entrepreneurs also have weaknesses. However, because of their confidence, it can be difficult for them to recognize those weaknesses. Almost all entrepreneurs need help to propel their company toward success. One of those key resources that is desperately needed is access to customers. Nothing helps a company move forward more than a paying customer.

It is often difficult for an entrepreneur to know who to reach out to at their target customer. And if the potential customer is of any size, there are numerous individuals you may come in contact with before reaching the key decision makers.

This was one challenge we were facing at Symply Health, where we sell products to help people with behavior changes. We deliver state-of-the-art coaching and training on smartphones to help people live healthier lives by quitting smoking, eating healthier, managing stress, and exercising more. Some of our products have been clinically proven effective and have no side effects.

Our region has been the focus of a significant healthcare question in the last several years with the proposed creation of Ballad Health by merging Mountain States and Wellmont. Both states affected by the merger, Tennessee and Virginia, are demanding Ballad provide new and innovative healthcare products to the nearly one million residents served by Ballad to help these citizens live healthier lives, not just to treat the illnesses when they happen.

How will Ballad do that? It seems that Ballad Health would be very interested in the product offered by Symply Health. This is where AccelNow enters the picture and provides a significant service.

AccelNow has taken the time to learn and understand the Symply Health products. They are constantly looking for opportunities to introduce these products to potential customers, of which Ballad Health is just one. The introductions provided by AccelNow have been top level…connecting us with the people who make the decisions. This is one of the great services AccelNow offers. This allows Symply Health to present its products to the key decision makers and make an important sale.

Additionally, AccelNow offers the CO.STARTERS program to help companies refine their plan and launch their business into the marketplace. CO.STARTERS helped Symply Health test and develop a plan for a new product – Agatha. Agatha is a mystery game where you walk in real life to make progress in the game and find new clues. The CO.STARTERS program helps identify those areas a business needs to address to help ensure success. One of the outcomes of this program for Symply Health was the filing of two patents for the technology that powers Agatha.

Not all startups succeed. But those who do, pay taxes, provide great jobs, and help the community grow. AccelNow is a great resource for our community and one I recommend to all entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to grow.

This is a guest blog post by John Cannon, Founder of Symply Health.  Symply Health develops and licenses products that help people live healthier lives. The world class training and coaching is delivered via smart phones. Symply Health sells these products in the United States and Turkey. The company’s most recent product is a game called Agatha with patent pending technology where clues to a mystery are earned by walking in real life. Symply Health was founded by John Cannon.


John Cannon, Symply Health

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