Bitcoin: The Currency of the Future?

A guest blog post by John Cannon.

Bitcoin 1


You’ve probably heard the term by now, being tossed around online or maybe in your circle of friends.

You may have heard people saying things like “it’s the currency of the future,” and that it’s a “smart investment opportunity.”

Then again, you may have also heard “it’s going to bubble,” or “it’s a fraud,” or even that “it’s a Ponzi scheme.”

Which has probably left you thinking, “Is Bitcoin legit or is it a scam?

You might still be wondering exactly what it is or you may already have a good grasp on it and have already been investing.

But one thing is for sure, it’s a pretty complex subject that many financial experts don’t even fully understand themselves. Which makes it hard to know what information is accurate and reliable or who to believe and trust when it comes to the topic of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I’ve been interested in alternate currencies for some time now and have conducted a lot of my own research.

Several years ago, I worked for Roger Colburn who wrote the book “Personal Currency: The Future of Money.” Colburn believes every person will eventually have his or her own personal currency.  In his book, he reviews the history of money and his view of what will come to pass over time.

I believe Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies are the beginning of a significant change to the way we use money.  From an investment standpoint, the value of Bitcoin increased 1,400% last year. Clearly many people all over the world think Bitcoin is a good thing and worth looking into.

In January 2018, I hosted a casual Bitcoin seminar in downtown Johnson City to share what I have learned with anyone who was interested in learning more.  I’m excited to share what I know while growing a network of people who are equally as interested in cryptocurrencies.  Everyone was encouraged to share their questions, insights and what they’ve learned throughout their own research. I can confidently say we all walked away having learned something new and forging new friendships.

I am hosting this FREE seminar again in Kingsport on February 1 at 3PM at Sync.Space. Join us for some exciting conversation to learn more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and to share your experiences, as well. Click here to learn more and RSVP today!

I have also created a Slack Channel to help us connect better, share information about cryptocurrencies and research information, and continue the conversation outside of these seminars.  The Slack Channel is open to anyone, so just click here to join.

About John Cannon

John Cannon is the Founder and CEO of Symply Health, a company that creates behavior change programs to help with Smoking Cessation, Healthy Eating, and Stress Management, as well as the exercise game Agatha.  He can be reached at

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