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TriReality – Bringing Your Business to Life in True 3D

Chris Fraser and his wife Alaina spent years building their graphic design business as they worked other jobs. One day after browsing a real estate website, Chris had the idea that it would be great to be able to create interactive tours of buildings by connecting panoramic photos. However, in 2004 the technology wasn’t quite available yet.

Fast forward to May 2016 when Fraser saw the technology he envisioned coming to life even better than he imagined. As he began to learn and use the new Matterport 3D technology, he perfected the concept and his dream became a reality – TriReality that is! In September 2016, Fraser started his new business venture, TriReality – 3D Photography & VR Services based out of Surgoinsville, Tennessee serving the whole Tri-Cities region and beyond.

Fraser is now a partner in Reality Capture Experts, a global network comprised of the top 10% of 3D Photographers and Virtual Reality Service Providers worldwide. Through this partnership, Fraser is now able to service clients with both national and international footprints. Fraser is East Tennessee’s exclusive provider of CarVRTours, interactive lead generating 3D Tours for auto dealerships.

Fraser is also a Google Trusted Photographer and able to publish a tour of any business to Google Street View. This will allow anyone who finds your Google Business Listing to tour your showroom or business online as if they were actually there!

TriReality is the first and only of its kind in Northeast Tennessee. Together with his wife, Alaina, they provide a variety of 3D photography and virtual reality services to clients in the following industries:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • ​Commercial Real Estate
  • News & Entertainment
  • Cultural Spaces
  • Construction, Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • Travel, Hospitality & Event Planning
  • Retail & Restaurants
  • Insurance Adjusting
  • ​And Much More!


If you work with any type of space that your clients might like to explore in a 3D environment, TriReality can help you stand out in your industry and get noticed.

To learn more and check out just a sampling of their incredible work visit them online at www.!

Fraser has many ambitious projects on the horizon for 2018 including and If you are a Kingsport business owner and you would like to have your business listed on Google Street View just like Sync.Space did, contact Fraser for a free two point 3D scan and then you will start to see how 3D Photography from TriReality will help your business “show off like a pro!”


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