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PetRevolution: Small Pets Matter


Kurt and Tiffany, founders of PetRevolution have started to see the results of all their hard work and passion pay off. Like many good ideas, it started with a problem: their own pets were chewing through their exercise wheels so Kurt and Tiffany set out to redesign the exercise wheel to be more durable and long-lasting. Over the last year, PetRevolution has expanded to include sustainable and reusable cage liners, treats, and more. Tiffany and Kurt are graduates of the recent Co.Starters cohort hosted by Downtown Kingsport Association and winners of 2018’s Spring Pitches and Pints, an event hosted by Startup Tri-Cities. PetRevolution has continued to see growth and a healthy boost in sales following both these milestones. According to Tiffany,

“Absolutely everything we learned in the class (Co.Starters) has helped this business”

One of PetRevolution’s recent accomplishments was a sale to Kristen Leanne, a lifestyle celebrity from YouTube (~500K followers) & Instagram (~800K followers). She made a purchase from PetRevolution and was so impressed she tagged them in a post. Tiffany hopes this free publicity will continue to drive more sales.


Two of PetRevolution’s wheels


What will the immediate future hold for PetRevolution? They are working with a designer to establish a formal brand identity and a lease purchase on a space in Gray for expansion. Tiffany is optimistic that sales will continue to improve following the success of their Etsy store and reviews and shout-outs on social media. In April, PetRevolution doubled their sales over March’s numbers.

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