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Small Batch Farm

Small batch farmStory provided by Susan McKinney. Founder of Small Batch Farm


Small Batch Farm, located in Gray, TN, is a small-scale market production of locally-grown, chemical-free fruits and vegetables. They are currently in their second year of production, having kicked off the operation in 2017. Last year they marketed through Jonesborough Farmer’s Market and Boone Street Market in Jonesborough, as well as selling through a local broker to restaurants.  They also supply products to several of the Farm-to-Table events.

Small Batch has had a different set of challenges this year than last.  They did not yet have their greenhouse up and running when they had hoped to, so with what seemed like a never-ending winter/late spring, they were a bit behind in getting plants started and into the field this year.  That pushed out the opportunity for some of their early spring crops entirely, but they are seeing good harvests now and should continue to have products available through the late fall and into early winter.

This year Small Batch decided not to expand the overall production scale, but they did adjust the scale of some of the individual products.  So, for instance, they’re growing fewer tomatillos and tomatoes, but they’ve expanded the melons.  They’ve also added a few new products to test and they’ll see how that goes as they go into crop-planning for next year.  They are also looking at alternative models for distribution outside of farmer’s markets for direct sales, as well as wholesaling on a small scale.  Small Batch is not intended to be a competitor of large farming operations: they value high-quality food with the personal hands-on attention of the farmer, from seed to harvest.  They do not use any synthetic chemicals, nor do they grow any GMO products.  They want the products that come from Small Batch Farm to be the tastiest, healthiest, and most natural fruits and vegetables that local folks can buy and prepare for their families.

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