Mike Cummings of Tri-Cities Segway Tours

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Recently I got the chance to talk to entrepreneur and the co-founder of Tri-Cities Segway Tours,  Pastor Mike Cummings.  The company, as the name suggests, offers tours around the Tri-Cities region while riding on a Segway: a two-wheeled motorized personal vehicle. Mike, a long-time entrepreneur in the area, founded the company in October of 2017 with his wife, Bobbi.

The inspiration for bringing Segway Tours to the Tri-Cities region came from a trip he and his wife took to Phoenix, Arizona three years ago. “We were looking for something fun and exciting to do outside in that area when we came across a Segway tour the city offered.” Their love of the Tri-Cities and great experiences with Segways gave them the fuel to create Tri-Cities Segway Tours.

Though they currently only have tours available in Johnson City, Mike is currently reaching out to Kingsport and Bristol city officials about bringing the tours to all around the Tri-Cities. He would also like to partner with local companies to help expand the areas storyline as well as reaching out to a larger customer base. Just like in Johnson City, he wants to focus these Segway tours on “history and fun facts”. The aspect of this business that Mike really enjoys is “the ability to narrate the story” when you’re taking customers throughout the city. “I want others to share the love I have for this area”, Mike says.

He says most of his customers are from out of state and vary in age but what they all have in common is they are passionate about seeing and learning the history of this beautiful part of Northeast Tennessee. In terms of learning how to ride a Segway, “It’s not too difficult at all” according to Mike. “My wife, Bobbi, does the training and it only takes about 20 minutes to learn.” Prices vary depending on the duration of the tour but they start as low as $24.99 and you must be at least 14 years of age to participate. Having fun and a thirst for knowledge is strongly encouraged!

To learn more about Tri-Cities Segways Tours and to sign up for a tour, visit their website here or follow their Facebook page

Also, starting July 16, Mike Cummings will host the nine-week Co-Starters course in Kingsport. More details to come through the AccelNow newsletter

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