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Sister’s Cravings Juice Bar and Grill

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When co-owners and best friends, Esther Rodolphe and Alicia Camp, decided to open up a smoothie business they didn’t want for it to be like any other smoothie joint around the Tri-Cities. They wanted to bridge the gap between delicious food and drinks and being healthy. That’s what ignited their inspiration for starting Sister’s Cravings Juice Bar and Grill.


I got the chance to talk with the soon-to-be participant of Kingsport’s summer Co-Starters course, Esther, and learned more about their new venture. As you can tell from the name, they’ll offer more than just smoothies. On top of providing healthier smoothies with natural ingredients catered to both adults and children, they’ll also offer a number of other healthier options such as vegetables, fruits, turkey, fish, chicken, veggie burgers and what they call a “Power Bowl”.


The path that led them there was one that involves a healthy lifestyle as you could guess. The last couple of years, Esther and Alicia have been on the journey of healthy eating and with that involves a balanced diet. It is very difficult for most to get the daily recommended amount of nutrients a person needs from foods so they wanted to supply their customers with those essential nutrients in the form of a convenient, delicious smoothie. Adding the healthy sides and courses only seemed logical and another aspect that differentiates themselves from the competition around the area. It isn’t just about profits for them, though. Their desire to bring awareness of healthier eating to the community by offering so many healthy options, and options that are affordable, is what drives them. Healthier eating like what they will offer leads to a healthier body. “Good self-care is good healthcare” as Esther puts it.


Both Esther and Alicia have prior business ownership experience as well as experience in the food industry so this will be nothing new to them. Currently, Esther owns a T-shirt printing and design business called We Express T-Shirt Design and Print. In spite of their previous business experience, they see the benefits of the nine-week Co-Starters course they signed up for in Kingsport starting in July. Esther says the experience and knowledge that Co-Starters offers will help them eventually expand Sister’s Cravings Juice Bar and Grill to multiple locations around the Tri-Cities. “I’m excited about not only the information but the challenge behind Co-Starters to grow our business” according to Esther.  As of now, Esther and Alicia plan to open their doors around Fun Fest time in mid-July and the location will be at 208 Cherokee Street in Kingsport.


To join Esther and Alicia in the Co-Starter’s course, contact AccelNow Director John Cambell at john@accelnow.com. It will be sponsored by AccelNow and will start on July 16 at the Downtown Kingsport Association in Kingsport.


Follow Sister’s Cravings Juice Bar and Grill on their Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Sisters Cravings


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