Brant Grimm of Grimm Construction and Roofing Construction Restoration

By: Chace Vineski   My Headshot 1 copy
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When Brant Grimm, owner of Grimm Construction, first decided to set out on his own, it was nothing that was planned. Brant, who is from Yuma, Virginia, moved to Gate City as a kid where he went to Gate City High School. He later received associate degrees from Mountain Empire Community College in Computer Electronics and another one from Walter State in Turf Management.  The current Church Hill resident was working in landscaping after graduation when he said the opportunity presented itself to start his own construction company roughly 16 years ago. It happened after he had decided to start renovating a house he had bought and a few short months later he sold the house making a good profit in return. That was his first real experience in the flipping a house and it obviously turned out well for him.  It didn’t take long until word got out to his neighbors about his talents in restoring houses and the rest is history. In fact, his work is so valued that he’s only needed to rely on word-of-mouth to get business and business has been good.
Grimm Construction will soon undertake a large project in downtown Kingsport as they have signed a deal to remodel the old Model City Motors building which is now the location for The Inventor Center. It’s a makerspace, and non-profit, for artisans and artists located at 115 Shelby St.  in downtown Kingsport. So it’s clear how the community views Brant’s work. With plenty of competition around the area, I asked Brant what makes his company better. He said simply, “It’s our honesty, quality, and reliability.” When you are relying on someone to remodel or rebuild your home, those are the qualities you look for and they are the qualities that offer you much relief in an otherwise stressful time.


While Grimm Construction has been a success, Brant is currently in the process of starting another company, RCR (Roofing Construction Restoration). The reason for wanting to start RCR is because he wishes to become more of a general contractor and Grimm Construction is more focused on remodeling. As someone with as many talents as Brant has, it only seemed logical that he would make that next step and he’s excited about its direction as you can tell from his infectious positive attitude. His current headquarters for Roofing Construction Restoration is at HBDC (Holston Business Development Center) where he’s been the past 3 months and is hoping to open RCR by late September.


To learn more about Grimm Construction and Brant’s progress with RCR, follow his Facebook Page.


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