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Jeff Goebel: CrossFit star and business owner

Goebelieve fitness

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Pain, sacrifice, and some Godly intervention led GoeBelieve Fitness founder, Johnson City resident Jeff Goebel, to where he is today. And that is someone who has found purpose and drive in the midst of personal loss and other life-changing events.


Jeff Goebel is known by many, not just around the Tri-Cities but across the country, as one of the elite CrossFit athletes in his age division in the world. He didn’t become the man of God he is today because of his fitness prowess, however. Jeff was always physically active whether it be through outdoor activities, jobs, or his time as a US Marine. His time in the military obviously led to him becoming used to the daily regimen of running…a lot. That carried over after his service ended where we would frequently run half-marathons and even marathons, so running was a big part of Jeffs life. After a life of running, he would later have to deal with the expected knee problems that come along with such a rigorous sport but what came shortly after was anything but expected.


In 2011, Jeff lost his son, Jake, and went through the worst pain anyone could experience. He felt lost and, justifiably, angry. He took it out on himself and on God. He went through the similar pain he felt when he had lost his father when he was 14 years old but on a much larger scale. However, he told himself that he wasn’t going to be like the bitter kid he was after he lost his dad. He instead turned to Jesus Christ to guide him through the tragedy. And not long after that, as fate would have it, he got another reality check when his doctor said that if he continued to run at the pace he was, that he would have both knees replaced within three years. That is where CrossFit came into play.


He needed to have that release from the pain he was dealing with and long-distance running was no longer a viable option, so he got turned on to CrossFit. CrossFit combines a variety of functional movements with a heavy emphasis on “old school lifts” such as pull-ups, push-ups, and deadlifts. Jeff is an old school kind of guy, so it seemed like a natural fit for not only his personality but his desire for intense physical training. It didn’t take Jeff Goebel long to really get into this new sport and even after he got injured, he would still spend much of his spare time working out in his own basement but was forced to limit some movements. After he recovered from his injury, he signed up for a new CrossFit gym in Johnson City where his friend, Larry Bellas, worked out and he ended up being a catalyst in getting Jeff to the CrossFit games in California. The workouts and the nutritional plan took a lot of sacrifice, but it was nothing he couldn’t persevere through as he was able to deal with one of the most difficult tragedies one could face in life.  And with God on his side, he knew he had what it took to get to the CrossFit games but he didn’t know how far he could go. His most recent attendance, in the 2015 CrossFit games, had him finish 4th in his division in the international competition in what ended up being an unexpected surprise to everyone at the event.


Jeffs passion for fitness extended to his work life when he decided to open up his own gym, GoeBelieve Fitness, in January of 2017. Though it is a smaller gym, it has the equipment you need for all the old school lifts that concentrate on isolation muscle exercises that Jeff likes so much while also incorporating cardiovascular elements as well. The emphasis on isolation muscle exercises, as well as safety, is what separates GoeBelieve Fitness from most CrossFit gyms. He also adds in high-intensity interval cardiovascular activities that include many CrossFit favorites, such as box jumps and burpees, that make for a truly vigorous workout. This is the workout plan you need to get incredible results. Currently, he works full time at the Veterans Association in Johnson City and but someday he wishes to make his CrossFit gym a full-time endeavor once he has the resources to do so. From all that he’s overcome in life, that feet will assuredly be reached before long.


To find out more about Jeff Goebel and GoeBelieve Fitness, follow his facebook page or his website


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