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1 Team Clinic LLC

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When Greeneville, Tennessee native and current resident, Calvin Doty worked in Human Resources, he never expected it would lead to him to starting up his own health care group. Having had 30 years of experience in human resources in the medical industry, he saw first-hand the benefits of what living healthier lives does not only physically but financially. Calvin also has had experience developing industry-based medical clinics across East Tennessee. From his experience and passion, he knew he wanted to start his own patient-centered medical clinic.


Calvin, along with a few other business partners whom he recently bought out, founded 1 Team Clinic in February of 2016 and now serves as President. They are a smaller health clinic that caters more towards smaller companies around East Tennessee so that they could focus on each individual. The level of care they provide for each of their patients is what drives them. What makes 1 Team Clinic unique is their completely customizable programs.  To date, they have served over 3,000 in the area and currently have a location in Greene County and Claiborne County in Tennessee. On staff, they have 3 nurse practitioners, 2 medical assistants, a physical therapist, medical director, and a communications person. Many of the staff has worked with Calvin in the past and they all share his vision.


1 Team Clinic’s next step is to continue to find new businesses in the area to use his clinic model and expand their services to work with smaller employers to put together customized programs.


Calvin recently pitched 1 Team Clinic as a now graduate of Greeneville, TN’s first Co-Starters course and won Best Pitch in their competition! He said he had a great experience and the 9-week course was able to help him focus on what his company needs to do and how they can grow.



For more information, contact Calvin Doty at


By: Chace Vineski

AccelNow – Social Media Coordinator


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