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The Cheesy School Bus –  Gourmet Grilled Cheese

the cheesy school busBy: Chace Vineski   My Headshot 1 copy

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Longtime Greeneville resident and founder of The Cheesy School Bus, Phillip Bernier, made an unusual career change yet fitting. Once a long-time Sterile Processing Technician at Takoma Regional Hospital in Greeneville he had the urge to open up his own food truck. What makes Phillips food truck unique is that they specialize in nonother than gourmet grilled cheese. What’s so great about a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, “it’s not your grandma’s grilled cheese sandwich” as he put it in his pitch at Greeneville’s first Co-Starters pitch competition last week.


Fitting for its name, he has several food items that are cleverly named after school related terms. For example, he serves the ‘Fire Drill’ which is comprised of Buffalo Chicken, Jalapenos and Paper Jack Cheese. There’s also the ‘Teacher’s Pet’ which is the classic Mac and Cheese. He also serves soups and other items that are complementary to his grilled cheese selections.  The reason why Phillips career change is somewhat fitting is that you won’t have to worry about the equipment at The Cheesy School Bus ever being unclean as a former sterile technician at a hospital. And in case you were wondering, yes, the food truck is in fact built from a school bus. The reasoning for using the school bus was simply because of cost. After some work here and there, as well as having to raise the roof of the bus to put in a hood vent for the grill, he had himself The Cheesy School Bus. He learned after completion that he had to make his food truck more obvious that it was NOT a school bus as he learned that many would drive by thinking it was just your regular bus on the way to school! After doing a little bit more work to the exterior he fixed that problem and now all of Greeneville knows The Cheesy School Bus and they are not looking to be tardy whenever Phillip announces each location.


To follow where The Cheesy School Bus will be next, check out their Facebook Page.




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