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Care Packages for Deployed Soldiers

care packages for troops

By: Chace Vineski   My Headshot 1 copy
AccelNow – Social Media Coordinator


Current Kingsport resident and Army veteran, Malcolm Stallard, knows what it’s like to serve overseas. Like every soldier defending their country, he’s faced unfathomable circumstances and being so far from home certainly makes such times more difficult. While he was serving in Iraq, he saw several care packages given out to the soldiers from different organizations and, while grateful, what he noticed is that they weren’t personalized in any way. Shortly after his service in the US Army, Malcolm wanted to find a way to better connect with the soldiers and to let them know they were greatly appreciated and he’s accomplishing that through care packages of his own.

Creating care packages isn’t the only thing he’s working on that benefits soldiers. His newly formed company,, which is still under web development, is a resource for not only soldiers but civilians to utilize. When Malcolm returned to the states he had a difficult time adjusting, like countless other vets do. Much of that was due to, not to his fault, not having a great understanding of resources available to him in his community and he didn’t want other soldiers returning home going through the same frustrations he faced.  So that’s exactly what he’s trying to fix. His company will provide people with local resources and events relative to their geographical location so they have a better understanding of what’s going on in their community. His company is not far from launching and it will be ready by the time he sends out the care packages he’s organizing through his company for the soldiers to take advantage of upon their return.


By partnering with Supplies for Soldiers, he will be collecting donations and supplies for the care packages for soldiers from Tennessee over the next couple of weeks before sending them out December 3rd. Items he’s collecting include hygiene products, snacks, and entertainment items. What makes these packages more personalized compared to other care packages for soldiers is the soldiers themselves will be able to choose from a variety of T-shirts designed by Malcolm himself. And as mentioned, he will provide them with access to his website that will give them invaluable resources in their area upon their return to find employment, educational opportunities, and more. This year, Malcolm, with the assistance of Supplies for Soldiers who will be providing the shipping as well as some of the supplies, is looking to send out 1,200 of these care packages for Tennessee native soldiers overseas. As Malcolm says, “ It’s a small gesture that can go a long way towards letting those serving overseas know that we are thinking about them and their service is appreciated.


For more information or to donate go to


By: Chace Vineski

AccelNow – Social Media Coordinator


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