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HomeMade: Skillville

Original article by JARED BENTLEY of the Johnson City Press


HomeMade is a new video series produced by the Johnson City Press in order to highlight people in our region who still create, and do what they love for a living.

A little over a year ago, three friends saw their business dreams come to fruition, as they opened the doors on a unique business idea in downtown Johnson City: Skillville.

Skillville was born from an idea that people would want to learn, build, and work on their own home or art projects, but wouldn’t always have the opportunity or means to do so. The business offers classes and tutelage for those who want to learn how to accomplish tasks on their own, or who need assistance in overcoming obstacles, and it also works with those who have the knowledge, and simply want a place to put it to use.



Skillville is an artists’ community and a makers’ space, if you will,” says Seth Thomas, one of the business’ three owners (along with Brad Cornelison and Leah Jobe). “You can come in and work on projects, learn new trades, and you can try your hand at something you’ve always wanted to do and just never had the exposure to it… we want to give you the opportunity to put your hands on things and learn, and see if it’s something that you’d be interested in before you go make a big financial investment into a new hobby.”

In doing so, the space they offer has come to be a home to many in the community – not only those who wish to learn more, but artists who have brought their talents to the space downtown in order to expand what they offer, and to join a creative community that is slowly growing. As the family of creators grows, the word gets out, and the brand is experiencing growth and recognition as it does.

“Now we have six resident artists that rent space from us. Everything from a letterpress, to a jewelsmith, to a pottery studio, to a fiber arts studio,” says Thomas. “We get to watch how they do their craft, so it’s been really fun for us through that process.”

Brad Cornelison also points out that the owners have the ability to create as well, and have developed a reputation for quality and service during their time downtown. “One other service we offer here at Skillville is custom woodworking and custom metalworking,” says Cornelison, “so if you need a custom project done, feel free to reach out to us.”

If you’re interested in utilizing their space, taking classes, or finding the right person to complete a project for your home or business, you can contact the Skillville team at, or give them a call at 423-921-2796 (Seth), 336-420-8243 (Brad), or 423-330-2192 (Leah).


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