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Co-Starters Graduates: MAD B Kitchen

MADB Kitchen

Johnson City’s summer Co-Starters course, a 9-week business accelerator program, concluded at the end of July. Hosted by JRH Brewing, there was a great turnout on hand to watch 5 of the Co-Starters participants give great pitches where you could clearly see the passion in each one of them. The company who catered this event is the same business we are going to feature. 

This week we’re going to talk about Co-Starters graduate, Anne Gorman, and the rest of her business partners at MAD B Kitchen

From Anne Gorman on how MAD B Kitchen started and why it’s named “MAD B”:
“MAD B formed out of friendship and love; love of food, love of theatre, love of creating and especially a love of each other. We all met while working in the theatre together in various capacities, through our time together we grew very close and realized we had met “our tribe.” We realized the potential in each other and we all seemed to fit like puzzles pieces together, with each of our strengths and weaknesses complimenting each other perfectly. Our mission is to create; Create immersive and memorable theatrical and culinary experiences that serve the adults, children and those with special needs in the Johnson City, Elizabethton and surrounding area.
The name MAD B refers to the 4 founders and owners:

·      M- Jonathan Marin Director of Mad B Creative/ sous chef

·      A – Anne Gorman, Executive Chef / Ass D of Mad B Creative

·      D – David Hyde Jr. Director of Catering and Assistant Director of MAD B Kitchen

·      B – Tia Beco Office Manager

Combined the 4 of us have 70 plus years experience in theatre, 60 plus years in the kitchen and 60 plus years working with kids.


We offer catering and event planning, various cooking classes and theatre classes.”

Anne Gorman on her experience with the Co-Starters program and how it helped shape the direction of their company:

“Co-Starters helped to bring our ideas together in a creative and cohesive way. We are especially grateful for Ashley Cox (Facilitator for the course) and her ability to challenge us, and help us to dig into the “why” we were doing what we are doing. It was great to have some help creating a fundamentally sound business plan that we are confident with. Meeting various other professionals proved to be very helpful in building some resources to help us thrive as business owners and entrepreneurs. “


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