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Ashley Cox: Transform Your Stories

Transform your Stories book cover

Transform Your Stories

Overcome your Toxic Stories, Become a Courageous and Confident Leader, and Impact the World

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What started off from listening to a True Crime podcast, sparked her journey to publishing her first book within 16 months from the mere idea of writing one. Ashley Cox, a local entrepreneur in many facets, has always been a self-motivator and one to help her fellow man in any way she can. After years of experience in the Human Resources field, Ashley took a slightly different path towards leadership and the stories that help shape the leaders we are and the leaders we can be.


Nearly a year and a half ago today, Ashley Cox was listening to a True Crime podcast episode called, “Someone Knows Something”. In that episode, the narrator said something that really caught her attention, and that was “It’s easier to believe the story we want versus the truth that we’re in.” So, for example, it’s easier to believe that you’re not cut out for something instead of pushing yourself to make something a reality. That is what sparked her first blog post. That first blog post then became a series of four blog posts. That’s when hordes of positive feedback came in from her followers asking her to write a book about the same topic of overcoming your toxic stories and becoming a better leader from it.  Ashley often gives her audience what they want, so that is exactly what she did.


After hiring a book coach and editor, Ashley set out writing numerous drafts of her first book. Her and her book coach figured out the right format, added more structure to the story, and filled in the gaps to finalize her book within a few short months. The book, “Transform Your Stories”, shares examples she’s encountered herself, as well as examples from her friends and clients, all of whose names in the book are Aliases. This book takes a unique approach as it is designed as a journaling experience. You’ll be working through the book right along with Ashley as the book has blank lines to write in along with instruction. She’ll ask you questions about your story as it applies to each chapter. She helps you work through and overcome your stories. You’ll also learn new skills and how to overcome future toxic stories.


So what’s next for Ashley Cox? Well she is 100% committed to writing another book one day. She’s excited to see where the next source of inspiration comes from. As for now, she continues to write in her blog as well as continuing to grow as a leadership mentor for women.  For this women’s leadership community, she helps women learn how to tap into and leverage their natural strengths in order to lead in a way that makes them feel good and gets results. She is also continuing to promote her first book and hosting live leadership workshops amongst many other things!



“Transform Your Stories” officially became available on Paperback and Kindle on September 19th of this year, so be sure to check out a copy today!!

You can find her amazing website here:

And her blog here:


Ashley Cox

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