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Blockchain Technology and Disruption

This week’s AccelNow Blog highlight comes from Medium.com’s Francesco Corea. Read the article in its entirety Here. Corea prepared a ton of research for this article, including examples of companies doing good and bad jobs of changing the landscape of the 21st century. How AI could change Blockchain Although extremely powerful, a blockchain has its own… Continue reading Blockchain Technology and Disruption


Sunset Digital Expands Broadband to Rural Tennessee

Sunset, the Duffield, VA-based digital communications company, was recently awarded a $1.3 million grant from the State of Tennessee to expand broadband access to communities in Hancock and Claiborne counties. Read the full article from Sunset Digital Communications here.   Never miss an entrepreneurial seminar, workshop, or event taking place in Northeast Tennessee. Sign up for… Continue reading Sunset Digital Expands Broadband to Rural Tennessee


Bitcoin: The Currency of the Future?

A guest blog post by John Cannon. Bitcoin. You’ve probably heard the term by now, being tossed around online or maybe in your circle of friends. You may have heard people saying things like “it’s the currency of the future,” and that it’s a “smart investment opportunity.” Then again, you may have also heard “it’s… Continue reading Bitcoin: The Currency of the Future?


Tech Growth in Northeast Tennessee

The Northeast Tennessee Region continues to enhance its technology infrastructure with the expansion of gigabyte broadband services this May. Mayor John Clark recently announced that Kingsport is joining the ranks of being a “gig city,” with the capability of offering 10 gigabytes of broadband service and beyond to its residents through the GIGKingsport partnership. GIGKingsport is… Continue reading Tech Growth in Northeast Tennessee


A Focus on STEM Education Cultivates Entrepreneurs in Northeast TN

Over the past several years STEM has been a big topic of conversation in the education system. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Individuals in STEM fields generally use their knowledge of these areas to try to understand how the world works and to solve problems, as described in this article by the STEM Education Coalition.… Continue reading A Focus on STEM Education Cultivates Entrepreneurs in Northeast TN