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Farewell and Thank You to Emily Bidgood – ARC

  We are sad to hear that Emily Bidgood will be retiring as Director of ARC this June. Emily has worked closely with John Campbell Director of AccelNow on a number of programs; “Emily has always been very helpful working cooperatively with AccelNow to create new entrepreneurial events in the region and share the success… Continue reading Farewell and Thank You to Emily Bidgood – ARC

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PetRevolution: Small Pets Matter

  Kurt and Tiffany, founders of PetRevolution have started to see the results of all their hard work and passion pay off. Like many good ideas, it started with a problem: their own pets were chewing through their exercise wheels so Kurt and Tiffany set out to redesign the exercise wheel to be more durable… Continue reading PetRevolution: Small Pets Matter