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Meet Launch Tennessee

Original Story by HANK HAYES of Time News, Kingsport   The Margaret Dolan roadshow recently rolled through the Tri-Cities with a goal of meeting as many decision-makers and venture capitalists as possible. Dolan is the new president and CEO of Launch Tennessee.   What is Launch Tennessee? Launch Tennessee is a public-private partnership that supports entrepreneurs from idea… Continue reading Meet Launch Tennessee

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Anita Henley of The Salt Oasis Kingsport

By: Chace Vineski    AccelNow – Social Media Coordinator   For years, The Salt Oasis Kingsport founder, Anita Henley, had battled serious sinus issues all year round. This caused her to have constant headaches, coughing, and a list of other symptoms on account of this nasal infection. It came to the point where she was… Continue reading Anita Henley of The Salt Oasis Kingsport


Ben Arnold’s smart fishing device, ConnectScale

  Founded in 2015 by Blountville resident Ben Arnold, ConnectScale LLC is a family owned fishing analytics and product development firm dedicated to making fishing experiences more efficient and enjoyable. Their first product, ConnectScale, is a product that combines Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and a mobile application to digitally weigh and record catch data.  … Continue reading Ben Arnold’s smart fishing device, ConnectScale

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PerfectServe rolling-out its patient-centered care team access system

Orginal Reporting by Tom Ballard of PYA and Teknovation If you’ve ever been admitted to the hospital, you know that it can be a scary situation where the robustness of communication that occurs among your care team members is critically important. Some four years after starting to build what he calls PerfectServe’s capstone feature, Terry Edwards says… Continue reading PerfectServe rolling-out its patient-centered care team access system

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PetRevolution: Small Pets Matter

  Kurt and Tiffany, founders of PetRevolution have started to see the results of all their hard work and passion pay off. Like many good ideas, it started with a problem: their own pets were chewing through their exercise wheels so Kurt and Tiffany set out to redesign the exercise wheel to be more durable… Continue reading PetRevolution: Small Pets Matter