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Johnson City Company Strives to #MakeWalkingFun!

AGATHAAn AccelNow Client Feature

John Cannon, Founder and CEO of Symply Health, sites data from the Centers for Disease Control that 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. Walking is an excellent gateway to healthy living. But walking can be tedious. Agatha is a mystery game designed to take the monotony out of walking.

Agatha is a mobile game to #MakeWalkingFun! It is a “who done it” mystery game played on your smartphone where you discover who murdered the butler. To move from location to location and receive clues, you walk (®run, cycle, hike, etc.) in real life. The steps  recorded by your activity tracker or smartphone convert to progress in the Agatha game. The more steps, the more clues you collect.


Symply Health has launched a crowdfunding campaign to rapidly collect feedback from the marketplace to make a great game experience and ultimately achieve the goal of encouraging people to exercise more.

Learn more about the Go Agatha Indiegogo campaign and show your support here.

About Symply Health: Symply Health believes healthcare costs can only be lowered by living healthy lives. Behavior change is required: Quit Smoking, Eat Healthy, Exercise More, Manage Stress, Take Medications as Prescribed, and Sleep Better. Mobile technology is a great way to deliver world-class education and motivation to facilitate the desired behavior change. Learn more about Symply Health and Agatha go to

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