ARC&D Year-End Review

Emily Bidgood, ARC&D Director

What does it mean to be Local? It may be a buzz word, but “Local” still means a great deal; it means everything to those who depend on their land for their living. For our friends like Adam and Abby Borden of Sunset View Farm, Jonesborough, local is life. Adam and Abby did so much for us this year– donating the fruits of their labor, teaching a workshop, and hosting teen interns.

I am so thankful to the many local hands, like the Bordens, that supported our organization in 2016. It astonishes me that volunteers gave over 1,500 hours this year, doing what they love: mentoring youth, cooking for Mountain Masala, teaching new farmers, expanding the Quilt Trail, and so much more.

Local is certainly what gives life to RC&D. From Local volunteers to the Local businesses who are integral to our big events– like Linda at Tennessee Quilts; Pat and Johnny at Farmhouse Gallery & Gardens; Jamie & Elise at Main Street Pizza Company; and, our new all-local grocer, Boone Street Market, that catered monthly workshop meals. Local chefs put on over a dozen events to promote farmers’ markets and local produce, and helped us put on our curry dinner fundraiser Mountain Masala. We were awarded new grants from Local foundations Washington County Community Foundation and the Greene County Fund. And Local friends gave financially too.

We are so grateful and thankful for all of your Local care and support. In your end of year giving, your donations to the ARC&D lead to a local sustainable future. Keep on with us on the journey!

To learn more about The Appalachian Resource Conservation and Development Council, visit their website.


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