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Anita Henley of The Salt Oasis Kingsport

The Salt Oasis

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For years, The Salt Oasis Kingsport founder, Anita Henley, had battled serious sinus issues all year round. This caused her to have constant headaches, coughing, and a list of other symptoms on account of this nasal infection. It came to the point where she was taking sinus medication four times a day just to deal with the problem. Her breaking point was in December of 2017 when she decided to research a natural approach to combat her health issues as medication wasn’t doing the trick. That’s when she found out about Himalayan salt therapy or Himalayan halotherapy.


Himalayan salt therapy utilizes Himalayan salt for therapeutic purposes, as the name suggests, and is a top growing spa trend. Salt is a natural disinfectant that is both antimicrobial and antibacterial. The Himalayan mountains produce a healthier pure sea salt that is pink, orange, red and white in color. Along with the benefits with regards to sinus congestion, it is also linked to improving asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and COPD as well as having many relaxation benefits.


After Anita did her due diligence on Himalayan halotherapy, she was eager to try it out herself to see if the benefits proved to be true in her case. She decided to book herself four visits in a two-week time period at a Himalayan salt therapy business in Virginia and, believe it or not, her sinus infection was all but eradicated to the point where her doctor was baffled. It was then that Anita decided she was bored of the retirement life and wanted to put her MBA to good use so in late February of this year she started putting the pieces in place to start her own Himalayan salt therapy business. What I found truly remarkable from interviewing her is that from conceptualization to opening it only took her about nine weeks as she opened her doors to The Salt Therapy Kingsport on May 1st.


While there aren’t many Himalayan salt therapy businesses within close driving distance, Anita believes her business offers more than any of these competitors. Along with offering a large-sized halogenerator, a piece of equipment that provides safe and effective dry salt therapy, they offer many other experiences such as an infrared sauna, red light therapy, and massage therapy. Another aspect Anitas says that overall separates The Salt Oasis Kingsport from other halotherapy businesses around the area is that they provide a more relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Anita says that while single visits can have temporary benefits, to take advantage of the long-term health benefits it is best to partake in this salt therapy two to three times per week over a period of time.


There have been countless other cases, along with Anita’s, where customers of hers have experienced the benefits of this Himalayan halotherapy. You can read about dozens of these cases from happy customers on their very active Facebook account and other social media accounts that are run by her business partner and daughter-in-law, Savanna McDavid.


To learn more about The Salt Oasis Kingsport, including Himalayan salt lamps they have available for sale, check out their website and Facebook page.



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